At MGD, our team provides Consulting and Advisory Services and connects investors and businesses together. Our services are tailored to countries such: Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the United Sates. MGD experts will provide you the tools you need to convert your ideas on paper into a reality. With over 20 years of experience, MGD team is extremely knowledgeable with Domestic and International markets.

Our vast experience ranges from: planning, developing and designing properties to implementing business plans for organizations. We develop each project based on the specific marketplace as well as the short and long-term objectives of our clients.

We have offices in South Florida, USA and Casablanca, Morocco. At Maghreb Development, we put together the best team for each specific client need, therefore, achieving the highest level of SUCCESS! Our services include:

Finding funding for new ventures
Placing products in the marketplace globally
Developing Franchise opportunities
Identifying and finding markets for new innovative products & services
Finding financial partners for IPO funding
Developing strategies for companies going public