IPO Funding

 Capital raising

Finding Financial Partners for your Business


Maghreb Development Group is the “going public” experts. If you would like to go public now or in the near future, you will be guided personally by the president of MDG, who is an experienced IPO expert, with over 20 years experience in finding funding for IPOs. MDG Services include:

  • Taking Your Company Public Directly Without a Public Shell
  • Customizing and building a new public shell corporation
  • Introductions to reliable “Capital Sources”
  • Investor Relations Consulting
  • SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) reporting requirements filings
  • CPA prepared business plans
  • Meetings with investment bankers

In short, MDG can and will assist your company in going public. We will take your company public without a public shell. If you are an advisor or financing source we can customize and build a new public shell company for you. MDG can build and customize a public shell company for you, that is called a blank check company. The public shell corporation can be formed and registered with the SEC to go out and engage in a merger with a company. This will allow your client’s private companies to become public companies almost immediately.