Project Management


Project Management for Real Estate Land Development


Turn-Key Project Management — Maghreb Development Group, a full-service development project management firm serving clients worldwide. MDG offers a one-stop shopping experience including turn-key pre-construction and development services ranging from due diligence, soft cost budgeting and scheduling through complete project design, governmental approvals and permitting.¬†Our comprehensive approach to real estate development is unique and unparalleled.

As team leaders and advocates for non-residential and multi-family projects, we develop strategies, establish schedules, maintain budgets and drive our projects to completion. We anticipate every question, evaluate every contingency and find a way around every obstacle. Simply put: We keep the process moving from vision to successful project completion.Maghreb Development Group is a consulting firm with expertise in land Development and International Business relationships.

. Every development project needs a champion; an experienced hand to guide it through its infancy. To nurture it, strengthen it, and maneuver it through the maze of entitlement and permitting. Then return it to you intact and exponentially greater in value.